Inside Hotel del Rey Costa Rica

Hotel Del Rey Costa Rica Location

The Hotel Del Rey is in the middle of downtown San Jose. It is about a thirty minute drive from the San Jose Airport. Every Cab driver will know exactly where the Hotel Del Rey Costa Rica is located. It is located in the heart of downtown San Jose, Costa Rica. Hotel Del Rey is a casino as well as a Hotel and has several bars inside. First off please be careful walking in and out from your taxi. Walk right in and don’t speak with anyone as outside the door will be people hustling and offering drugs. When you leave the Hotel Del Rey Costa Rica do the same. This is one of the shadiest areas in San Jose. There a lot of pick pockets and street criminals that hang out here.


Please be aware of your surroundings. Only bring the money with you that you plan on spending that night on entertainment.

The Hotel Del Rey Costa Rica Experience – What to Expect

The Hotel Del Rey is probably the most well-known Hotel/Brothel in Costa Rica. As you enter the glass doors on either side you will immediately have all kinds of eye candy in the form of women at the Hotel Del Rey Costa Rica. There are two bars one on each side of the downstairs. Most of the women hang out at the Blue Marlin Bar. If you actually make it to your seat at the bar before being offered “company” that would be a surprise. The key to truly making your experience at the Hotel Del Rey Costa Rica one to remember is not to take the first girl that comes up to you. Talk to several and find one that you have at least a little connection to and one that turns you on even before she takes off her clothes.


I am not talking about finding love….. I am talking about finding lust. They are not at the Hotel Del Rey to find love and you should not be either.

Blue Marlin Bar – Hotel Del Rey Costa Rica

The Blue Marlin Bar in The Hotel Del Rey is where all the action is. Welcome to the Super Bowl of hot hookers. All the girls there are working and willing to go home with you for the right price. You can have anything you want. There will be anywhere from a hundred to two hundred girls on any given night. You can drink and talk with the girls. Take your time and pick out the girls you like the most. Also remember that just sitting and talking to these Hotel Del Rey women will cost you something be it a drink or a plate of food. They are there to make money and if you are not giving them any financial return on their time they will be quick to move onto the next guy.


Another quick piece of information, even if you are there just to take in the Hotel Del Rey Costa Rica experience and not take a girl home, the bartenders at the Blue Marlin Bar at the Hotel Del Rey will keep your eyes entertained all night.

Hotel Del Rey Costa Rica Women

The Hotel Del Rey Costa Rica has beautiful women working each and every corner of the hotel, searching for that man of the hour or man of the night. You will see many tens, nines and eights walking around. The Costa Rica’s Hotel Del Rey Women are from all over Latin America. You will meet Costa Rican women as well as those from Nicaragua, Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba and The Dominican. These girls are amazing. Take your time and be patient for the one you want to spend time with. One of the things you should remember is that no matter how hot they are, these Hotel Del Rey girls all cost about the same. So you might as well take the most gorgeous one for a spin.


Don’t be that guy that thinks because they are not as attractive you have a chance to date them or pay less. Just enjoy the moment.

Hotel Del Rey Costa Rica Girl Prices

The Costa Rica Hotel Del Rey girl prices are usually around $150.00 to $300.00 for one time up to your room. You might be able to negotiate a little better price depending on the girl and time of year. You can also negotiate things like maybe all night and other things that you are looking for. Make sure you discuss the price and all the particulars before you go up to your room. The reason you want to negotiate beforehand is the last thing you want is a Hotel Del Rey girl in your room and getting mad over price. They can get pretty feisty and it will completely ruin the night.


Oh and just because you negotiate before you get them back to your room does not mean you pay them up front. If you do you will end up back in your hotel with just yourself and needing to make another trip back to the Hotel Del Rey Costa Rica.

Negotiating Women at the Hotel Del Rey Costa Rica

These girls are professionals and will try to con you and run games on you. Be smart and negotiate price and activities expected up front. Most of them have families and boyfriends/husband they support by working there. If you know a little Spanish it can help in the negotiations but it is not necessary. Although you might be just down there on a Guys Trip or Costa Rica mongering vacation, there are some gringos there that are regulars. They can sometime lead you in the right direction. But a lot of these guys are also bottom of the barrel so be safe.


No matter how hot she is and what she tells you, don’t fall in love. If you go to the Hotel Del Rey Costa Rica with these understandings and expectations, you will have a good time.

Hotel Del Rey Costa Rica Casino

The Hotel Del Rey Costa Rica Casino is has multiple table games including Black Jack, Pai Gow and of course the Costa Rican version of Black Jack….Rummy. Although the dealers have been trained Costa Rica style expect a few wins each night from misdeals. As it with most Casinos in Costa Rica the drinks are free while you are playing. If you want a cheap way to get drunk you can play the $2 rummy table and get all your drinks free while gambling the night away. Plus many of the working girls will be hanging around the tables so the views while you are playing will be extremely arousing.

Hotel Del Rey Costa Rica Accommodations

The rooms are decent and satisfactory for what most men are going there for. It is not a luxury five star resort. The price is more than fair for the area and what you able to do in the rooms. It is hard to find hotels that allow guest and the hotels that allow guest usually charge more. The rooms are affordable at around $125 a night. You can bring a female guest to the room without any problems.


If you are looking for other female friendly hotels in the area, I always recommend the Sportsmen’s Lodge. It is a sports bar and brothel. What better way to watch a football game than to be able to get some action during half time. Of course the Hotel Del Rey Costa Rica also offers the ease of picking up a girl in the lobby and just riding the elevator to your room. For many Viagra is a much have for a trip to Costa Rica and the Hotel Del Rey.

What’s Near the Hotel Del Rey Costa Rica?

During the daytime you can walk to museums and other attractions. Situated in Downtown San Jose, Costa Rica. The Hotel Del Rey is within a 5 minute walk of Morazan Park, the Gold Museum, and the Jade Museum. The National Center or Art and Culture and Parque Nacional are also within 5 minutes of The Hotel Del Rey. The San Jose Procuradiria Museum Station is located 8 minutes on foot from The Hotel Del Rey. The San Jose Atlantic Station is 10 minutes from The Hotel Del Rey.


There are plenty of shops, stores and restaurants all within walking distance as you are in the middle of downtown Costa Rica. That of course is during the day. At night when you leave or want to go somewhere, make sure you get right into a taxi and use the buddy system. The area at night turns a bit dangerous.